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Think of this as a crash course in church life. Do you have big questions about your faith? Do you wonder if church is worth it? Do you want to know more about what Jamestown is all about? The All In course provides an on-ramp for wherever you are in your journey of faith! Choose the session that works best for you, or come to all three. At the end of this course, our hope is that you're able to take the next step in your faith - whether it's a reaffirmation of faith, investing in a ministry, or being baptized for the first time! Don't miss the Sign Up below to stay in the loop about future dates and times.

WHY JESUS? (Night One)

Session one focuses on the basics of Christianity. It's a great introduction for new believers and those interested in Christianity, but also a useful refresher for longtime members. We answer big questions about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Scripture, the world, and people.

WHY CHURCH? (Night Two)

Session two focuses on the need for community in a "spiritual not religious" culture. We learn why church is essential for our faith and how God gives us a shared identity and purpose.

WHY JAMESTOWN? (Night Three)

Session three focuses on what God is doing in our immediate community. This is a great first step toward learning about how to get plugged into church life at Jamestown. You'll learn more about where we come from and where we're heading as a church - and how you can be a part of it!

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